Saturday, July 28, 2012

Qt/QML IPC Embedding based on Mozilla

Posted video of my super-duper IPC Embedding based on mozilla with Qt backend.


Adrian said...

awesome stuff!

Ed said...

Your work is much appreciated on! Would you be interested in virtually hanging out with some devs and fans of the Nokia N9/Harmattan/Meego/Maemo? Either way, we'd like to hear about any plans you have to develop this project further.

HelloEverybody said...

This will be fantastic once complete! Super excited to see how the work progresses on this project. Any idea on a timeline to have other builds out(or when you might have a functional UI to go along with it)? I wish I were able to help out in some way, this is the sort of thing that gives me a bit of hope for the longevity of my n9. Great Work!